Parker Merrick

Stop Motion Animator

4 – Animation

Short Films:

My thesis film, made over the course of my senior year at RIT. Selected for the 2014 RIT School of Film and Animation Honors Show, 2014 Insomnia Festival, 2014 Montreal Stop Motion Film Festival, and the Animated Night program of the 2014 Anilogue International Animation Festival!

A short film I made as a show that would theoretically appear on Cartoon Network. It follows the Totem Force as they unite to take out evil!

My two quarter film, made from start to finish in 20 weeks.

My one quarter film, made from start to finish in 10 weeks. Selected for the 2012 Glovebox Short Film & Animation Festival, as well as the Dirt Poor Filmmakers Festival in September of 2012!

A wacky short animation made in collaboration with Meghan Boehman, Kianu Morales, and Lucas Gonzales in October of 2012 for a 24 hour animation competition, in which we tied for second place!


A little Christmas animation I made using an ornament puppet that I made as a gift for my mom.

Another Chrismas animation I made using a Tiki Man puppet I made as a gift for my dad.

A short animation demonstrating a wooden toy developed by Megan Lin, as part of a collaboration with RIT School of Design.

A lip sync exercise, in which I animated a clay bust to a line from DodgeBall.

An exercise in which I was tasked with animating only Styrofoam cups.

An exercise in animating paper flowing in a soft wind.