Parker Merrick

Stop Motion Animator

5 – Puppets



Merrick_Parker_Jan2015Entry_StillGrandma here was made for the 11 Second Club competition for January 2015. She is basically Styrofoam, epoxy, and wire, padded out with a whole bunch of foam and covered in cloth. The hand were made with foam latex buildup, the eyes, mouths, and eyebrows are all clay, and the hair is white yarn.

Merrick_Parker_Bucked_John_A_08John is the main character of my thesis film, “Bucked”. He has a wire and epoxy armature, padded out with foam, and then built up with foam latex. His nose and antlers are made of Sculpey, and his neck and hands have brass tubing so they can be switched out. For lip syncing purposes, he has replacement mouths that are attached by magnets under his nose.

Merrick_Parker_Bucked_Buttz_B_08The human character for my thesis film, Buttz. Buttz has a basic wire and epoxy armature, beefed up with foam and built up further with foam latex. The hair was sculpted into place with an epoxy glue, and he has a tie down points in both of his feet, as well as a rig point on his back side.

BarnabeeBuilt for my one quarter, Barnabee is the main character of “Buzzed”. He features a replaceable proboscis, as well as a replaceable stinger. He was built with a wood and wire armature, bulked out with foam, and covered with vetrap. The eyes and stingers were made with baked Sculpey, and the proboscis and antennas were made with heat wrap over wire. Four rig points are hidden underneath the top black stripe for keeping him in the air.